Mr. Healdsburg 
Just read about this and it sounds like fun:

Mr. Healdsburg Pageant
Saturday, Feb 25 7:30p
at Raven Performing Arts Theater, Healdsburg, CA
An all-male parody of the event everyone loves to hate: the anachronistic beauty contest. Come watch local gentlemen vie for the (plastic) crown by competing in all the usual categories: beachwear, formalwear, talent, and interview.

This is a FUNDRAISER for the Raven, and your votes (with $$$) help determine the finalists.

Just might have to drive the half an hour from Guerneville to see this!

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Good-bye to Sam's Holey Cow diner 
So sad, just received the announcement that the restaurant is closed permanently, just couldn't make the numbers work. I really enjoyed eating there and will miss it, but luckily we have a lot of great places to eat that are surviving and thriving. This was an initial venture into the restaurant business and that's always tough. Not easy to succeed in this business. Thanks, Jamie and Sam, for giving it a go.

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A Rainy Day Equals Crab for Dinner, Good Wine, and a Fire in the Fireplace 
I have to say this "rain" is more like drizzle and can't have added very much to the reservoirs. And it's over tonight, with nothing but dry, sunny weather in the forecast. But it's a great night to celebrate with friends: a comfy fire in the fireplace, crab dinner, Robert Rue Sauvignon Blanc (and you thought Robert Rue only made Zin), and Judy Collins Singing Dylan to remind us of what great songwriting sounds like. The dogs are oh so very bored, waiting for company to arrive and then they will be a nuisance, at least for a while.

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Trash Tiger 

Hiked today through the forest and along the Russian River with the pups and thought I would give credit to my wonderful, talented neighbor who created Trash Tiger to protect our local forest from litterbugs. If you can't make out the text, it says:

Trash Tiger, Oh Fierce Protector. Feel free to borrow packs and return with any trash for pickup. The creatures thank you!

This is all done in ceramics. Many thanks, oh fierce protector--you know who you are.

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Summer in Guerneville 
Just can't believe this day. Planted my vegetable garden wearing a t-shirt, the sun was so hot my old hen moved into the shade, and Cleo was panting after chasing the ball for twenty minutes. And the koi are eating like it's the middle of July. I know we need rain, but can't help but love these beautiful days. A hike tomorrow?

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