Today I saw two large fish in the river, both heading downstream. One was moving quickly in the channel, near the surface, and the other was jumping in the channel. Wondering if these might be Coho Salmon. They should be up in the tributaries now spawning, but with all the dry weather there may not be enough water in the streams. Not sure what this means. What happens to the adults if they can't get up into the streams to spawn? They turn bright red when they are spawning and I didn't see any red. They were headed the wrong way if they were Coho looking for streams.

They are so endangered any loss is a big loss and if they are in the river when they are not supposed to be they may be hooked by people who don't know what they are. Fish and Game has been posting information to educate people as to what they look like, so they don't get fished by mistake.

Worrisome in a year when we've had record numbers of returning adult Coho.

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