A Lot of Excitement in Duncans Mills 
Who says nothing every happens in Duncans Mills, the sleepiest, smallest town in the Russian River area? Well, listen up:

A motorized hang glider that crashed into power lines over the Russian River left Duncans Mills residents without electricity for about nine hours on Sunday.

Straps from the hybrid machine became tangled in the lines as the pilot, a 33-year-old South Bay man, circled the area after taking off from Goat Rock beach. Luckily, although the glider contacted the power lines, the pilot didn't, and the glider just pitched him to safety into the river.

Fire officials helped retrieve his craft from waist-deep water and presumably the uninjured pilot went home to contemplate why he was not electrocuted that fine day. And all those shops in Duncans Mills were shut down for what would have been a busy shopping day.

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