Sunday Morning at Bia (again) 
It's our regular Sunday morning haunt. We bring the Sunday Chronicle (although you can buy one there); Bia provides the latte and the freshly-baked coffee cake (or the Irish Soda Bread, Banana Nut Muffin, etc.). We sit and chat with the owners, baristas and other local denizens, who are friendly to each other and visitors. Most people who live here, both full and part-time, love to talk about the things they love about the River, so they're a great source of information and recommendations. At this time of year, it's mostly locals or local week-enders, so it's the same faces time and again. We love the people watching any time of year. Sometimes we sit inside where it's warm and there's good music. Sometimes we sit out on the sunny patio. Bia is becoming an institution at the River, and we're lucky enough to be called regulars!

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Lunch on the Korbel terrace 
Enjoyed lunch today at the Korbel Deli, sat on the terrace, and soaked up the sun. Yum...cajun muffaleta sandwich, apple pie cheesecake, and champagne? Well no, it was the middle of the day, but it was still a possibility; Pellegrino instead. This is a great stop on the way to pretty much everywhere east of Guerneville. Darn, forgot to snap a photo. Follow the related link below for lots and lots of very cool but less personal photos.

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Out of the Fog 
We took a birthday trip to River's End in Jenner-by-the-Sea, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. The restaurant is perched right on the edge of the cliff, so we drank Veuve Clicot, sampled tasty victuals and thoroughly enjoyed the incredible fog-free view. The lovely waitress even brought my english hazelnut trifle with a birthday candle. Happy birthday to me! I, of course, wished for another lunch date in Jenner. October and November are the most reliably fog-free days at the Pacific Coast, and River's End is amazing whether or not there's fog. -Rachel

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Breakfast all day at the River Inn Grill 
Here along the Russian River, Eggs Benedict for lunch at the River Grill Inn, diner style, along with coffee I can drink black, is just about as good as it gets. I dined with local mover and shaker, Herman Hernandez, and talked about the great plans afoot for this season's music series to be held in downtown Guerneville. It's going to be an amazing experience one evening a week for locals and tourists alike again this summer. Keep your eyes open for the schedule that will be linked from the Russian River Getaways Visitor's Guide. Photo from The River Inn Grill's Google page.

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Sunday at Jenner-by-the-Sea 
After a brief intermission, we're back! Along with bringing you fantastic vacation rentals here at the River, we also live and run around the Russian River area, doing cool and interesting things, with and without kids and dogs, so we'll be sharing with you what we find. Today the sun was shining and the air was calm and warm, so BEACH popped right into my mind. I grabbed a friend and a blanket, and we headed out to Jenner-by-the-Sea, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. We landed at Goat Rock beach (the small end, left at the fork at the bottom of the hill), where we were treated to seals dancing in the waves. At the other end of this beach, those same seals are busy having babies. You can visit with the help of Stewards of Coast and Redwoods: http://www.stewardsofthecoastandredwood ... lwatch.htm. After we'd had our fill of staring at those mesmerizing waves, we stopped at Cafe Aquatica,, in Jenner, for coffee, a great view of the Russian River flowing into the ocean, and live music on deck. In other words, we had ourselves a perfect Sunday afternoon! -Rachel

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